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What To Do If You Think Someone Is Going To Jump Bail After You Bailed Them Out Of Jail

If you have paid a bail bond for someone and think that they may be jumping their bail, it is important to take action right away. If the person does jump their bail by not showing up to court or leaving the area, you will be responsible for paying for the rest of the bail amount. The bail bond company can take whatever you put down as collateral for the bond. If you think someone you bonded out of jail is about to jump bail, use the following guide to learn what steps to take.

Talk to the Bail Bond Company

The first thing you need to do is contact the bail bond company. Let them know why you think the person is going to jump bail and any information you have about their whereabouts. The company can then contact the person and let them know what the consequences are for jumping bail for you and for them. This may help them turn their act around and show up to court when they are supposed to show up.

Report them to the Courts

If the person does not turn their actions around, you can make an anonymous report to the court system where their case will be taking place. When someone is out on bail, they agree to stay away from all illegal activities and any people who participate in illegal activities. If you know that the person is doing drugs or hanging out with the wrong crowd and participating in illegal activities, report them right away.

Talk to the Person

If the person was close enough to you for you to bond them out of jail, you should be able to talk to them. Let them know your worries and find out if they feel that they need to run from the situation or if they are willing to tackle it head on. There are some people who simply need to know that someone cares enough about them to help them during their time of need. You may want to have them stay with you until the court case arrives to ensure that you know where they are and that they are not doing anything illegal. This will also allow you to be sure that they will be where they need to be on the day of the trial.

Most people jump bail simply out of fear. They are scared of receiving the punishment for the crime they committed and feel that running is an easier option. It will end up causing more problems for them in the long run and is an option that needs to be squashed as soon as possible.

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