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The 3 Attributes Of The Most Qualified Crisis Communications Speaker

When you are the owner of a corporation or business, a crisis can be identified as a whole host of different problems. However, the crises that could do harm to your professional reputation in business could easily be considered some of the worst. If your company is facing a reputation crisis, it is crucial that you take the appropriate steps to ensure you counteract whatever information is coming to light, whether it is in the media, before investors, or otherwise. Part of combating a crisis will always be finding an organizational speaker skilled with crisis communications who will speak on behalf or your company. There are three attributes in crisis communications that this person must have. 

Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking skills could easily be one of the most important qualities for your crisis communications speaker to possess. Not only should your designated crisis communications speaker have the skills to speak before a large group or crowd of people in meetings, press conferences, or community events, this person should have the public speaking skills it takes to handle one-on-one interviews with news anchors or other people as well. Lacking skill in one area or the other could make combating damaging information a difficult task. 

Training in Crisis Communications

Just because your chief executive officer is good with public speaking, it does not mean that they are also going to be equipped to handle speaking in a crisis situation. In order to handle the situation with dignity and professionalism, it is important that the communications speaker you designate in a crisis is skilled in crisis communications. This person will be trained in how to appropriately respond to questions or statements to ensure viewers, consumers, and others see you in a positive light, which is incredibly important in a corporate crisis situation.

An Adequate Position 

When you or your business reputation is under fire, choosing to use a communications speaker from within your own corporation could be a major mistake. A member of your own team may not be well-equipped to handle public appearances when their own affiliate is under fire, and they may not be able to properly convey information and be deemed trustworthy in the public eye. The person who is designated as the speaker may need to be a third-party individual who does not have personal ties with the company. This is why so many business professionals choose to hire an outside individual or team of individuals for crisis communications.

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