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Small Business Tips For Data Security

As a small business owner, securing your business against cyber threats of all kinds should be a top priority. Unfortunately, many small business owners are either misinformed or under-informed about how to protect their data. One of the things that you should do is to set up a reliable backup system that allows you to restore your data and server integrity. If you're looking to set up a backup system, the best place to start is with a digital forensics specialist. He or she can help you not only find vulnerabilities but also learn how to secure your backups to prevent corrupted or breached files. Here are a few storage solutions to explore.

Direct Attached Devices 

Direct attached devices are usually workstation or server specific. Usually, they connect via a USB hub or something similar and backup only the machine they are connected to. The problem with systems like these is that you have to run the backups manually, which means that you can't rely on them to be up to date in the event of a system breach.

Network Attached Devices

Network attached backup devices connect to the network itself. These backup systems have automation, allowing you to run backups on a predetermined schedule. In addition, most of the network backup devices have capacity for multiple drives for expanded storage. You can invest in systems with support for various file structures, which is important if you have a mix of device types on your network.

Disaster-Safe File Storage

If you live in an area where there's a threat of any kind of disaster, whether it's natural or otherwise, you can preserve your network structure using a disaster-safe file storage system. These file systems are designed to protect data against many different threats. In fact, most of the disaster-safe storage systems can even withstand fire for brief periods as well as immersion into water.

Public Cloud Storage

If you want to have a copy of your data stored in a secure offsite location, you can work with a public cloud server provider. These providers offer you server space on their cloud network that's accessible from anywhere. These are ideal because you can access your backup at any time and from any location. Choose a cloud server provider who is running daily backups to ensure that you have a way to restore your server even in the event of a hardware failure.

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