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Here Are 3 Things You Can Do to Effectively Boost Your Credit Score

Are you looking for effective ways to boost your credit score in the coming months? Here are three options that are worth your consideration:

Get a Prepaid Card

One easy way to boost your credit score is to get yourself a prepaid credit card that will report to the major credit agencies each time you make a payment toward the credit card. While you'll have to add money to the card before you can use it at first, with regular responsible use you should be able to earn some real credit after a certain period of time.

Some prepaid credit card companies will extend a small line of credit to you after a few months or a year of making regular payments, and all the while you'll be boosting your credit score. So in the end, you can expect your prepaid credit card to eventually lead to more credit options and a higher credit score overall.

Settle Some Accounts

Another effective way to boost your overall credit score is to settle some accounts that are on your report. The first step is to request a copy of your personal report from all of the major credit reporting agencies so you can see what's been reported and by which companies and creditors. Then contact the companies and creditors who have reported negative accounts that you have and negotiate a settlement of some kind.

Some creditors and companies may be willing to settle an account you owe for just a fraction of the amount you owe, while others may accept weekly or monthly payments and will settle your account once it's been paid in full. Even if you don't have the means to settle all of the outstanding accounts listed on your credit report, settling even a small percentage of your outstanding accounts can make a positive impact on your overall credit rating.

Work with a Specialist

If you're serious about boosting your credit score, it's important to work with a credit repair specialist who can help you put together an effective game plan that will raise your score as high as you need it to be. An experienced credit repair specialist can not only help you figure which outstanding accounts on your credit report should be settled in order to boost your overall score, but they'll work on your behalf to expertly negotiate settlements that are in your best interest.

And you can count on your service provider to follow up with all of your accounts to ensure that the payments you make are recorded on your official credit reports as soon as possible. They'll also help you manage things like your prepaid credit card to ensure that you will stay on track in the coming months and years.

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