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Obtaining Money Fast When Your Car Is In Need Of Repair Work

If your vehicle is not running as it should, chances are you will need to take it to a mechanic for an evaluation so you can get it back on the road. If you use your vehicle daily to get to your job, not having it available can be an extremely hard inconvenience. Those who do not have a credit card or one with insufficient money to borrow from to get repair work done, will need to come up with a quick plan of action in getting their vehicle fixed so they do not miss much-needed days at work to get paid. Here are some ideas you can use if you are in this type of situation so you can get your vehicle fixed so you do not miss several days on the job as a result.

Discuss The Situation With Your Mechanic

If you have a regular auto service you use for auto repair and maintenance, your customer relationship may be beneficial in getting work done without an immediate payment. Alert the mechanic about your situation and see if they would be willing to hold off on writing out your bill until you get your next paycheck. If this is not feasible, you may be able to borrow a vehicle from the mechanic while your vehicle is in their possession. Another alternative is to ask them to do minimal work on your vehicle so it is in a driveable state and then do further work after you get paid.

Apply For A Payday Loan 

If you have a form of employment where you receive paychecks on a regular basis, you will be able to apply for a payday loan (with companies like Payday Express). This type of loan can be obtained through your bank or through an online service. Most loan services do not require an extensive credit check and will only ask for your checking account number so they can take out the loan amount at a designated time. If you have insufficient funds in the account, you will be charged a high interest rate by the service so it is important that you put your paycheck into your checking account immediately after receiving it. A payday loan will place needed cash in your account anywhere from a few hours to days, making it a great way to get cash right away to make your vehicular repairs.

Visit A Local Pawn Shop

Ask your mechanic for an estimate of the work to be done and then head home to collect several valuables to take to a local pawn shop. These items will be held in the shop for several days in exchange for cash. The cash can be brought to your mechanic to pay for your car's work. After your receive your paycheck, cash it and give the money to the pawn shop in exchange for the return of your belongings. If you do not pay the amount required in the time limit given, your items will belong to the pawn shop permanently.

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