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Critical Reasons To Contact A Bondsman After You Are Arrested

Depending on what you have been arrested for, you can find yourself sitting behind bars for days or weeks before you see a judge. During that time, you are kept away from your friends and loved ones. You also can lose your job because you cannot show up for work.

Rather than wile away your time in jail, you can pay the bail or bond that your arraignment judge sets for you. When you do not have the cash yourself, you can get it from a reputable bondsman who can post it for you. Read on to learn why you should contact a bail bond agency about bail bonds immediately after your arrest.

24/7 Access

Most bail bonds agencies are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They always have a bondsman on call to take calls from people in jail. Even if you are arrested during the middle of the night or on a major holiday, you can contact a bail bond agent and arrange for your bail to be paid as soon as possible.

If you are arrested in a municipality that has around-the-clock jail clerks on staff, you may even be able to bond out after business hours. Otherwise, the bail bondsman must wait until the start of the next business day to bail you out if you arrested during the overnight hours or on the weekend. Still, you can arrange for your bail to be paid as quickly as possible because the bail bonds business has a bonds person on call 24/7.

Paying Back Your Bond

Bonds can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. They typically accrue interest, much the same way as a bank loan or cash advance does. 

You may initially think that you can never pay your bond back. However, many bail bond agencies allow you to put up collateral to secure your bond amount. They also arrange for payments to fall in line with what you earn or to how much value in assets that you have. However, if you do not make bond payments on time or you fail to make any payment at all, you could face being arrested for breaching your contract.

These reasons are a few to compel you to call a professional bondsman after your arrest. You can get access to bail bonds 24 hours a day. Your bond may also be affordable to pay off.  

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