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Can Teens Get Bail Bonds When They're Arrested?

Juvenile court works a bit differently than the justice system for adults when it comes to bail bonds. Depending on the state, teens may be eligible for a bail bond if they are arrested. A parent or guardian is usually required to contact a licensed bail bonds agency and sign off on any paperwork needed to obtain a bond for their child. Keep scrolling for details about bail bonds for teens.

What should you know about teens and bail bonds?

The legal system is different in every state, but generally, the juvenile court handles cases involving minors. Depending on the severity of the charges and local laws, bail may or may not be an option. A licensed bail bonds agency can help answer any questions about eligibility for bonds.

If a teen is eligible for a bail bond, their parent or guardian will need to arrange payment for the bond. Bail bonds work by setting up collateral in exchange for temporary freedom from jail or a juvenile detention center. The amount of the bond is based on the charges, and it must be paid in full before a teen can leave jail.

A bail bonds agency will also provide guidance throughout the process and help ensure that all paperwork is properly completed. They will likely need to speak to both parents or guardians as well as the accused juvenile prior to releasing them from custody. However, teens generally do not have the legal right to accept or deny a bail bond.

What happens if a teen is emancipated?

The situation may be different for a teen who is emancipated as opposed to a teen who is still living with their parents or guardians. If a teen is emancipated, they may be allowed to make decisions regarding bail without parental consent. This can vary by state.

In the case of an emancipated minor, the process for obtaining a bail bond will likely be similar to that of an adult. The teen must contact a licensed bail bonds agency and provide proof of eligibility before a bond can be issued.

When it comes to bail bonds for teens, there are many factors to consider and rules that must be followed. An all-hours bail bond agent can provide guidance on the eligibility requirements for teens in each state and help ensure all paperwork is properly completed. This can make the process smoother and help get an arrested teen home faster. 

Contact a local bail bonds agency to learn more. 

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